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Normal capacities of the driver were injured due to alcohol or drugs

The prosecution must also prove that the defendant was driving the vehicle. In an attempt to convict a defendant, the District Attorney can use physical evidence obtained during an alcohol test or blood test showing that a driver had an alcohol concentration of illegal blood and / or the testimony of the arresting officer as the interpretation of test driver in moderation campaign. Although a prosecutor may try to demonstrate both factors to seek a conviction, evidence of just one may be sufficient.

Charges and Penalties on DWI Greenville

For a person who responds to charges of drunken driving, much is at stake. The DWI is a crime and therefore the driver can face imprisonment, penalties, community service, probation and mandatory counseling or rehabilitation if convicted. A defendant may also face suspension of driving license after a DWI arrest, based on the fact that he or she failed or refused alcohol testing breath or blood. The following is a lysate of penalties that can be imposed for a first DWI conviction in Greenville (specific penalties can vary the only case):

Trial period

One of the most damaging and all lesser known consequences of a DWI conviction is the impact this may have on your insurance premium. If convicted of driving while handicapped, you may face a surcharge of up to 400%! If your annual premium is $ 500, you will face an increase of up to $ 2000, meaning that their total insurance premium car could approach as much as $ 2,500.

Working with a Lawyer DWI Defense Greenville

Spend time in jail, lose your driver’s license and facing increased insurance costs can have a serious and lasting impact on you and your family. It is important that you do what you can to avoid a conviction of this kind involving a DWI defense attorney can thoroughly investigate your case and build a legal strategy that correctly represents their interests.