DUI in Maryland

Driving under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs (DUI) is less serious crime in Maryland. The state must prove that there is reasonable doubt of the crime as the accused was operating a vehicle, which was under the influence of alcohol or any other substance, or both; and that the powers of the accused to drive the vehicle are actually disabled.

In this state there is a presumption that an individual is unable to manage auto motor vehicle if you have alcohol content in the blood of 0.08% or more. Even if the level is less than 0.08%, the state can try to prove that the person is impaired to handle himself as defense (your lawyer) you can also argue that the person was able to handle even this had a level Alcohol greater than 0.08%.

One of the biggest concerns after being arrested for DUI is the evidence that the state of MD may have against him. This usually includes the video of how would you driving before being stopped by police, video and audio tests (if they decided to complete them), video and audio of its route to the police station and the result of the breathalyzer or his refusal to do this (this can be used as evidence against him at trial).

If the video and audio during and after his DUI arrest makes it look sober almost all cases seek to dispute the evidence showing the alcohol content in his blood questioning science as the official breathalyzer expert, trying to convince the jury of his innocence.