Arrested a safe driver drunk and drugged circulating without a driving license

The Police have arrested a resident  who fled after causing an accident in which two people were injured. The arrested tested positive for drugs and alcohol, he had no driving license, no insurance and had not passed the ITV vehicle.

The regional police received notice of a traffic accident between two vehicles at kilometer 498 of the A-2, in the municipality of Belling. When the patrol arrived at the crash site it was located only one of the vehicles involved, as the responsible of the incident had taken flight.

After attending to the occupants of the car, which were slightly injured, the Mosses began searching for possible clues to identify the fugitive driver and found the license plate of the vehicle fled.

The driver had an obviously intoxicated when he was located by agents. In the breath test he gave a positive rate of 0.74 mg of alcohol per liter of exhaled air, and the subsequent screening of drugs also tested positive for cocaine and THC.

Therefore, he is accused of two offenses against traffic safety, one for reckless driving resulting in an accident and another for driving under the influence of alcohol and / or narcotics.